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What is the To Do List?

The To Do List holds all the tasks for you to improve the town. Tap on it to see the list of tasks you need to do to make your town the very best! You can also view your Daily Goals here! Complete all 5 for an extra prize.

How do I earn Stars?

Earn Stars by completing level objectives. Some levels require you to serve a certain amount of Customers, Coins, or Hearts! There are also timed levels so make sure to remember to check the Level Menu to see what objective you need to do!

How do I earn Coins?

Complete levels and serve Customers to earn more Coins. The more you upgrade your Food, the more Coins you’ll earn. You can also earn Coins by watching ads in the game.

How do I earn Hearts and what are they for?

You can earn Hearts after reaching Chapter 3, Level 3. Complete levels and serve Customers to earn Hearts. The more you upgrade your Customer Loyalty, the more Hearts you’ll earn. You can spend hearts in the Character List to level up your Customers and get cool rewards. Remember, just like Coins, the faster you serve your customers, the more Heart you’ll earn!

How do I earn or get free Gems?

Check Daily Deals every day for a chance to find free Gems! You can watch ads or participate in offers to earn Gems.Complete a whole Chapter of To Do List Tasks to earn bonus Gems. Buy Upgrades to earn Gems, piggy banks, and more.Sometimes, happy customers will send you Gems in your Mailbox. Keep playing new levels and finishing To Do List tasks to unlock these prizes.Serve customers while the GEMS GALORE boost is active.

How do I earn Keys?

Keys are super rare! You can find Keys in Mystery boxes in the Store, from Prize Boxes earned from upgrading your Diner, and occasionally in Piggy Banks earned from leveling up Characters in the Character List. Sometimes, happy customers will send you Keys in your Mailbox. Keep playing new levels and finishing To Do List tasks to unlock these prizes.

How do I earn more Coins in a level?

Upgrade your Food to earn more Coins in the level, and serve your customers as quickly as you can for more Coins. And don’t forget about the Boosts! The more Boosts you use, the more coins you’ll earn.

How do I find my player ID?

Locate your player ID by tapping on the Cog Icon on the top right of your game. You’ll notice the player ID beneath your username, once you’ve chosen yours.We suggest taking a screenshot of the Player ID in case you forget to set your username and we need to locate your account!

Why should I upgrade Characters?

Upgrading your characters will increase the amount of Hearts they give you when you serve them in the venue, as well as their Patience, or how long they’ll stay at a table before leaving! Upgrade them so they have more hearts which will help you clear level objectives!You can also earn gems, boosts, and more by Leveling them up!

Is my device compatible?

Here are the following devices compatible with Diner DASH Adventures:



Android – Need to be 64bit (All Android tablets are incompatible)


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NEW supported devices!
NEW supported devices!

We are super excited to add the below devices as compatible with your favorite Diner DASH Adventures Game! Enjoy and #Savetheday   Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Samsung Galaxy A10s Samsung Galaxy A10e Huawei HUAWEI Y6 2019 Samsung Galaxy J4+ Vivo Y53 Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy J6+ Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo […]

Palentine’s Festival Coming Soon!
Palentine’s Festival Coming Soon!

It’s a time to celebrate friends as DinerTown celebrates PALentine’s Day — like Valentine’s Day for pals!  Decorate a fun music and arts festival area as we find out who is surprising their pal for Palentine’s! Multiple people are doing something really special for the best buds — you won’t wanna miss it! Make sure […]

Brand New Chapter Coming!
Brand New Chapter Coming!

Shocking! It is revealed that Beatrix has Grandma’s dog, Skillet!  She is holding him as leverage so Flo and Grandma will fix up Big World! Can Flo and Grandma and their sorta-detective friend Bernie outwit Beatrix and find Skillet? Will Bernie find the lost library book?  Will the reappearing Devon Aire do anything but adore […]