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Holiday Animated Short

Happy Holidays! Dinertown citizens are getting ready to celebrate this Holiday season but Mr Big has no plan to relax by his fireplace. Check out this new animated short and follow Mr Big’s mission to impress his mom! Will the decoration festivities be ruined?

Halloween Trailer

Time to get Spooky! Follow Flip & Beatrix on their mission to steal Greasy Spoon’s candies… What trick does Flo have up her sleeves?

Trailer #2

Some mischief is happening in DinerTown! Join Flo as she returns to DinerTown to help the citizens!

Trailer #1

Follow the heartwarming story of our hero, Flo, as she returns to her hometown to help the citizens.

See the transformation!

Flo’s come a long way! Join her in her adventure as she heads home to save the day!

App Preview

Interested in Diner DASH Adventures? We are too! Take a look and see what you can do in the game!